Shave me smooth like a little boy.

So, I’m gonna do a comparo of @harrys and @DollarShaveClub razors, quality, actual shave cost and just overall who the H*ll is better. @harrys has been delivered already, and @DollarShaveClub is on its way. Obviously I’ll have to shave each side of my face with the different razors :-).

I guess the real test would be to shave my *ss with them, but I’m not sure either would even be able to complete that job without dying first! Ha! So yeah, let’s keep it to my face.

I’ll let you know when I have both products and I start growing my face hair like a real man!

Bullying… Please read.

My Nephew is 21. He is so great. He’s gotten to the point where he’s having to ask people to treat him with respect. And some other people are just bullies. These are adults that are harassing him. This is about who he is and what makes him happy in his life. HIS life. Not mine, not yours, it’s his. It’s his life. So for all you #sTupiT people out there trying to “protect” your children from him, you need to get some perspective. Or go to Church more. Sh*t, maybe you might have to go to Church less.

Anyway, the next person who has a f*cking problem with him can call me. Or shoot me a text, a FB message, an email. Whatever. And you can discuss your grievances with me- an adult who won’t take your bullsh*t.  You know who I am. And I know who you are. So bring your hate to my party and let’s see what happens.


Virgo Frankie Degan; AKA @VocalVirgo


Pick on him? I don’t think so. Go bully someone else.