This is how much I like you.

I like my #Stalkers so much that I wrote this last night and scheduled this sh*t for right now, when you’re actually seeing it. Because I wanted to sleep in. Because I’m lazy. So shut up and let me sleep.


Meanwhile here’s a picture of me on the beach with a big *ss thing of seaweed. Enjoy the show.



Just heard @LadyGaGa #Joanne album this morning. I’m not sure how I feel about it. There’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s pretty far removed from what I guess myself and her super-fans would hope and expect from her? Did I end that last sentence with a question mark? Hmmm… just not sure…




Tomorrow I have to be normal again. #CityLife

Sometimes ‘ya have to go back to the grind.
Well, tomorrow marks the first day I’ll ┬áhave to go back into an actual office to do my work. Much more fun while doing it on the road, remotely like a nomad who can be anywhere he wants. It’s just for a few weeks. And then I’ll be back on the road and hopefully working the entire year of 2017 from our county’s gorgeous state parks.


#SticksAndBricks #RVLife #AlarmClock #SingingInTheWoods

@VocalVirgo #Instagram

And this is what you do when your waste tank contents pour out of your motorhome and onto the ground. Don’t worry, this is not my rig. #HealthHazard #Lime #trailertrashpark #Gross #Full-TimeRV