Netflix “The Dark”

I watched this series on Netflix called “The Dark“, not expecting anything really. Half the time I stop watching stuff because it’s boring. However, this show was so good, so amazing, that I’m going to start watching it again from the beginning. It’s mysterious, and personal, and you have to think a little bit to follow along… I found myself hitting the pause button sometimes so I could think about what was happening and what just happened… It’s really really really well done. The only thing is, it is dubbed over in English. It’s not subtitled, but it is very very well dubbed. I personally don’t watch movies that have subtitles… But good dubbing is OK for me. If it’s OK for you guys, I highly recommend this show.

Gay Bachelor vs. Gay Singled Out

Why is @ABC bragging about having the first same sex couple reality show with the bachelor? I was in the first same-sex reality show- MTV’s “Singled Out” in 1996. The episode aired once at a later time slot, and has never ever re-run. Which is sad. But ABC is not doing the first  same sex dating/couples/reality show episode. It was already done 23 years ago. Duh.

And yes, I know there was another gay episode… That one you can find on YouTube. But the one we did that taped and aired first, was the first one.  I don’t know why MTV never released that video. It’s two gay guys and then two lesbians In 1 episode.