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Doggie Christmas this Saturday at The Range at 12:00 Noon sharp!

For a chance to get a free burger and sides for yourself, be on time. We are planning on wrapping it up no later than 1:30/2:00pm.
This is our 3rd Annual Slab Dog Christmas celebration. In the spirit of the holiday, we are celebrating the unconditional love we share with our canine companions.

All doggie gifts are generously sponsored by S.O.A.R., (Society’s Outcast Animal Rescue), @vocalvirgo, and friends. Many of you will remember Janeen Hudson Bahr, who is “Slab Dog’s Best Friend,” who is bringing 12 supporting friends and a horse trailer full of what we hope will ensure for every dog get a toy, a ball, a few baggies of treats and more.
There will also be a number of brand new dog beds for our elderly arthritic dogs, used dog beds, pillows and lots of blankets to help your dog to keep you warm at night 🙂 There will be dog food, treats for people, and of course entertainment.
The live rock band, the doggie prayer sermon, the free burgers and sides are sponsored by Lucky and the Church from The Ranch! We are looking forward to sharing this joyous time with Lucky and friends and all of you! (Photo: curtesy of Wags to Riches)