During the first 2 seasons of @HouseOfCards, ‪@KevinSpacey‬ said some pretty perverted things to me. When I complained to MRC about it they changed my working schedule so I wouldn’t be on set with him. They also reminded me about my own “dirty, sexually based” sense of humor… The second year there was no such arrangement, and early in the 2nd Season he did something gross and I told him to his face, loud enough so other people on set would hear, “F*ck You you f*cking pervert! Get away from me!”. I was fired from the show that same day because of the incident.

My yelling at the lead talent was unacceptable. Apparently groping someone on the crew was.

I hear now that no one wants to drive him to set. Maybe they should ask @BillCosby to carpool with him. At least he’d have someone to talk to with common interests during the ride.

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