2 Ugly orphan kittens need a home…

So, this well-meaning homeless lady tried to raise 4 kittens who’s mother was hit by a car and killed. 2 kittens died and she realized she wasn’t taking care of them correctly. She asked for help and this wonderful guy took them, put out a plea on Facebook for help with them, and now through the powers that be they are on their way to my place in Los Angeles. They’ve come a long way and only need a little bit more before they can go to a real home. I’m asking everyone to PLEASE share this on your Social Media and with your friends. They’ve come this far, let’s get them all the way HOME.

Ugly #1. (Yuk!!)
OMG, this one is even Uglier! 🙂
Holy cr*p these two are so cute I can’t stand it! 

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