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January 2012


My landlords tried to f*ck me over so I f*cked back. I’m not a f*cker . I’m a nice person. I don’t LIKE to f*ck, but I f*cked on principle. The new me says “Don’t f*ck with me by trying to f*ck me over you f*ckin’ f*ckers! I’ll f*ck back! And I’ll f*ck back HARD!”
Wow. That felt good maybe I should f*ck more often!

Poop differences…

And here’s a little something to bring it back old school: My Poop.
When I eat Mikkie Dee’s, my morning poop is astounding. (See exhibit A). And when I eat a big heathy salad with tuna and raisins, some fresh fruit, or maybe a hardy PB&J on whole wheat, my poop is sparse. (See exhibit B). Actually, just look at pictures of my poop. that’s most important.
Goooood Morning!!

Exhibit A. (my eyes hurt just looking at it, seriously. yours should too, or you’re a sick and twisted f*cker.)
 Exhibit B. (nothing really hurts looking at this one. this is a more harmless version of my sh*t. and it didn’t do any damage to my starfish, like the last one did.)

The Bubble-Blowing Fart Man

THIS is why I have this Blog and do these videos- because they make me feel good. I actually laughed really hard in this, and you know what, it FELT GOOD. This is what life is all about. I am getting my share of joy out of life by doing these videos. Oh, and my juvinile sh*t is fun too 🙂

(absolutely no one was hurt in the making of this video. actually, the guy on the toilet laughed pretty good. yup, no one was hurt.)

Oooh, so much backlash! “Masturbate!”

Geez, some people have no sense of humor! Apparently complaints were made about the link on my FB Page to the Blogger post about how I was gonna masturbate last night. Um, if you don’t like me, or don’t like what I say… don’t follow me. That’s a no brainer. But just fyi, I MASTURBATED last night and it was SOOOOO good! I thought of you whiners & complainers the WHOLE time! Really got me all drippy down there…. you know….. in the hanging end of my shaft region.
You’re Welcome! 🙂