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February 2012

Open Letter to Google+ paid off :).

And right off the bat, this is why Google+ is better than Facebook- Google responded to my email to them. In a little more than 24 hours, Google not only responded, but fixed my account. I can now continue on and utilize Google+ for all my crazy, dirrty, child-like needs and wants.

VocalVirgos: You’re Welcome.
Google+: Thank You. 🙂

(my soul was masturbating during the taking of this screenshot. ahhhh.)

99cent Store: Part 1

So, as many of you now, I’m a cheap f*ckin’ Jew. A few months back I discovered something even cheaper than “Food-4-Less” and it is called the “99cent Store”. I had been in there before, but had no idea they sold food. Lots of food. So, in an attempt to stretch my Go’ment check further, I started doing 100% of my food shopping there. For me, it’s not hard, I eat lots of salads and junk food, and they got that. But, as some of you also know, I have found grossly expired food there. I have also found frozen food that wasn’t frozen, in freezers that were not cold. The staff moved the food into cold freezers. It was already thawed. That sh*t is dangerous. I told them that what they were doing was beyond unethical. They didn’t care. And BTW, if you use their bathroom, chances are, on your way back there you will see new stock that there is no room for yet, and sits in their back room (on your way to the sh*tter) waiting. Some of it is frozen food, not so frozen anymore. 
Well, today I saw that most of their breads were well past the freshness date. Not as big a deal as frozen food, but still. I took this one picture and then I was asked by the manager to stop. These bagels “expired” (not really) 4 days ago. I plan on going back and looking for more expired food at the 99cent Store. Why? Because it’s fun. And I’m there shopping anyway.
There are 2 more parts to my 99cent Store rant. New topic though.Tune in.
(my colon could be hurt in the eating of these old bagels)