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May 2012

Animal Shelter

So, this may be too deep, but I’m sharing it anyway.
I went to the Animal Shelter today to donate towels & blankets and volunteer time. I had no idea it was a Kill Shelter and I got physically ill when I arrived home. I went and saw and talked to every f*cking animal in that place today, to make sure they knew someone cared. My heart is broken. If there is anyone out there who might want a dog or cat, there are so many happy, sweet, loving ones there. I mean, I fell in love with all of them. I can not imagine that some will be killed because the Shelter runs out of space sometimes. Ugh. Even newborn kittens are euthanized because the staff doesn’t have the time to bottle-feed. I will be taking as many kittens this Summer that I can, to save them from that fate. And 26 plays a good Foster Dad to the little ones I bottle feed every year. It’s very sweet.
Can anyone else help? I, and lots of future happy animals and owners would be so grateful.