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June 2012


I was at Kong’s Pets in Bell California (plug) this afternoon, hitting on all the female staff. Anyway, they had the CUTEST little rescue kitten there and she was so f*cking adorable and sweet. I almost forgot how little they can be.
Listen people, if you have the time or space, you should volunteer at your local shelter or foster a critter. SO many animals are at kill shelters and have no time. Let’s all pitch in. If you do, I promise you Oral. Good Oral.

This seller is a d*che…

So, as I troll around on the internet looking for here two great songs I love, from two great artists, I finally found 1- on Amazon. The seller is asking $259 for the CD. It is amazing to me how greedy people can be. The only song on it that isn’t on the easily obtainable CD’s or downloads is the one song you an only get from this CD, as all the other songs are on her other albums. So, knowing this, the seller is a greedy d*uche. He knows that anyone who wants this one song has to buy this CD, so he is hoping to rape your wallet (or purse, if you’re a female or a big homo).
There. I’m done.

(someone’s *ss will hurt if they buy this CD after seeing this screenshot, although no one was actually injured in the making of this screenshot.)

I owe Youtube a Youtube apology…

So, I got my first warning from YouTube, who I am currently having a love-affair with because they let me be me and speak my mind… my tiny little mind. But someone complained about the 10 second poop-in-the-toilet video (which of course was funny), but was considered to be a “shock video”, which is against YouTubes TOS. So, no more random poop-in-the-toilet videos. I respect Google too much for letting Bloggers and Vloggers be themselves, so I will behave. Yes, you read that correctly… I will behave. Sorry YouTube!
Now, who wants to have sex with me? Wait… I have to go poop first…