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July 2012

First blog about second sh*t

Look, I know this should be old news by now, but I’m pooping. The thing is, is that I already pooped this morning. So now I’m pooping again, and the amount & odor should be illegal. I didn’t even eat that much yesterday and I know I didn’t eat anything that my *ss could ferment into this air pollution.
I’m only telling you all this because I care deeply for you all.

Google I/O

I’m just getting around to watching the 2012 Google I/O. I must say, I’m very impressed. I’m an Apple Boy, but when I see what Google does, and how f*ckin’ good Android has become, it amazes me that people are willing to pay so much more for Apple products. Don’t get me wrong, me loveie my Apple, but Google give their customers way more for less $$, in every regard. I like that that Apple makes the software AND the hardware, which is why most of the time everything “Just Works”, but there is 1 iPhone. There are literally 100’s of Android phones. There is 1 Apple tablet… Android is on 100’s. Now if only Google made a Chromebook with more SSD capacity…
There is my non-pervert blog entry. It may be the only one, so savor it.
he he, I just said “entry”.