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August 2012

Sex Dream Anderson Cooper

OK, so listen, I’m not gonna share the whole thing, just the naughty parts. The oddities and other weird parts of the dream are for my journal. And Shrink. So these are the sextales:

Laying on top of me, had a blonde mans skin-tone (not sure why I was thinking that in my dream) he had puffy nipples like “b*tch t*ts” and a bubble-butt. And he liked to grind. That’s all I can share. Anything more and your vaginas will get all moist.

P.S. I did not see the wiener, so don’t ask for details. I’m sure he has one in real life, but not in my dream…

You’re Welcome.

Bestest Birthday Party…

The reason why my Bday party was the bestest, is because people actually showed up! And they did so with booze and presents! I need to take a little video of all of the hilarious, fun and thoughtful things my awesome friends brought. And I set up a Birthday Cam in the “Office” so people could have a seat and share their thoughts. Um, 1 person showed her Boobies (thank you, Jesus). I shalst do a Sunday Sit-Down tomorrow and show you all my goodies. Not those goodies. And there was so much video taken, I can not wait to look at it and SHARE it with you messy people. But for now I’m just going to take a poop, a hot shower, a toss-off and go to bed…
I just farted.