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September 2012

Cell Phone Death Rate Just Went Up

A guy was on his cellphone. Holding it up to his face. He didn’t notice the girl crossing the street. He hit her. Her sneakers lay in the street about 50 feet from where she lay. His Prius was dented from the front bumper to the back top of the roof. Windshield shattered. His car told the story of how she rolled over his entire car, and that he probably didn’t hit the brakes until she was on the street behind him. He stood by his car looking pretty upset. He should be arrested and have his license taken away. She was dead.

People, when you’re driving- PAY ATTENTION. There are pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles/scooters and other cars all around you. GET OFF YOUR F*CKING CELL PHONES.

iOS 6

#iOS6 looks 1/2 Google Apps & 1/2 unchanged. And what’s w/the empty space at the bottom of iTunes? iOS 6 looks like Apple 1/2 updated iOS 5. And BTW, the new Maps App not giving voice guidance on iPhone 4’s is bullsh*t. If ANYONE needs directions ear-fed to him, it’s me.
I’m gonna say it, because someone has to: Steve Jobs was awesome. He was a fighter. He (mostly) fought for the end user. Now I’m not sure who Apple is anymore… :(. No of fence, Mr. Cook. I’d still bl*w you, but just both with the enthusiasm I would have done with Steve.

Gay is a Sin.

Will someone please tell me if Mitt Romney is so against gay equality that he wants to appeal gay marriages and give couples no rights whatsoever? I’m confused, my tiny brain can not grasp the idea that he wants to undo positive progress…? We Americans must look so stupid to othe countries who don’t see being gay as such a bad thing. It’s 2012 people, let’s love one another.
I HATE politics. And now I have to go vote to make sure my friends and family get treated fairly. No one should have to vote for fairness and equality, it should just be.
Sorry for the seriousness. Poop update later. Also masturbation update sooner than later. 🙂