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November 2012

Urgent!! Facebook’s new rules!!

In response to the new F*ckbook guidelines I hereby declare that my c*ck and b*lls are attached to all of my p*nis details, delusions, pantings, writhing, pubic hairs, pornigraphic photos and videos, etc. (as a results of the Boner Convention.)
For commercial use of the above my spermie consent is needed at all times. (Anyone reading this can copy this text and paste it on their Facebook Wall. This will place them underneath me every night this week, for being dumb enough not to actually read the hilarious changes I’ve made to a bogus viral stupid protection of copyright laws thingie.)

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Best Buy sucks d*ck. True Story.

I have been at Best Buy on Pico in Los Angeles for exactly 1 hour. Not a single employee has asked if I needed help. After 10 minutes I decided to see how long I could stand around and not be offered any assistance, questions answered, help finding something, a bl*w-job – ANYTHING. But nope. I have been wondering around the same 15 square foot area the whole time. The store is not full of customers. Not a single person is on line at the checkout as I type this. There are plenty of employees that are walking around with seemingly nothing to do. They have all walked by me without so much as a fart. And now I’ve been here for 1 hour 5 minutes. And *I* just crop-dusted an employee standing around. I now feel better and don’t think my time here has been a complete waste. 🙂