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February 2013

Guess whose office is moving? And to a much hugerer space too!

Wait till you see it folks! My new office is going to be gigantic. And like I said last month, I’m gonna do a lot more interviews on the road. That should be fun. Truck Stop Bathrooms should be the most interesting. The interviewee and myself may have to carry mace and bats. Anyway, those will start soon. Everything about me is late. Including my period. Again.
See you soon. (Wh*res)

It’s Diddle Time…

OK folks, I’m getting ready to masturbate, so any horny words or photos that you feel might help me to enjoy myself just a little bit more would be appreciated. Guidelines: None. But ladies, anything smaller than B’s… please no. And dudes… let’s say 8 or more… cool? And not 8 skinny ones. Duh, thick is better.
Thank you all in advance.

Yours Truly,
VocalVirgo called Beyoncè a n*gger.

So, I’d like you all to send hate email to “”. That bigoted idiot called Beyoncè a N*gger minutes ago. No reason. Just left a stupid back-woods comment on a video of her performance from last night at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Nothing positive or negative about her stint, nothing said about the performance itself. Just made the comment “That nigger looks like a Monkey ewww” And I find that disgusting, and I hope you guys do too. Yes, I’m openly asking any of you who will, to email the racist and let him/her know what an embarrassment he/she is to America. I’m going to send one myself- reminding the C*nt that it’s 2013.

(my gut hurt in the taking of this screenshot)

(my pride was so proud in the taking of this screenshot)
(my pride was smashed in the taking of this screenshot)