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March 2013

Movin’ on…. wait. I’ll save that Post Title for next time.

Hello kids. So listen, I was going to give my new office a month before I started to v/blog about it, figuring I’d have a good perspective by then. Well, lemme tell you, it’s f*cking fantastic. It’s better than when someone you just picked up on Crystal Street sticks their tongue up your pee-hole. Seriously- it’s that good. I shalst start posting vlogs on the new digs ASAP. It’ll take a lot of film (how old am I?) because the place is HUGE! It’s hugerer than the last sh*thole I was in.
OK, for now, this is really all I have to say, except that I have not pooped in 4 days, no sh*t (literally). I have no idea what’s up with that, but I feel like at any moment my *ss could just go of into explosion mode. Scary.
F*ck Off for now. TTYS. (Wh*res)
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