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March 2013

*ss sex (I’m sure this ain’t my first post with this title)

I was offered sex by a super hot gay guy today, and you all know I’ll f*ck whatever, but I turned the offer down because I wanted to get home to my cat & turtles and make sure they was feeling good in our new home. Um… can you all please trash me in here and tell me what a loser I am for doing that!? *ss sex is kinda better than Vag sex because it’s usually tighter. Usually. And then there’s also that issue with poo…. Anyway, go t town on me! Reprimand me!

Listen, I have becme so f*cking popular that I had to move to a bigger space. 30,000 sq. ft. was not enough. Wait’ll you see the new offices! But in the meantime here is a last hooray and a F/U to my former Landlord (I waited for the deposit check to clear first before posting this, duh). Anyway, this year I will be doing interviews from public office spaces. How fun! I may get arrested for indecent or sexual conduct if someone finds me pants down in a stall at Carl’s Jr. talking with a Drag Queen. Here’s to hoping!
Anyway, watch this video and STFUW.

(someone was outed 2 ways in this video. i’m sure it hurt. oh wait… you haffa have feelings to hurt. Holler!!)
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