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May 2013

I’ll f*ck Clint McCance in the *ss and help him find Jesus again!

Clint McCance is the real victim. Truly. He suffers from stupidity so terribly that he can’t and shouldn’t be held responsible for all the stuff he said- and then back-peddled out of. Not.

And his poor family, having to live with his stupidity for the rest of their lives. It’s quite possible that his own kids may now get bullied because their Dad ranted about how much he hates fags and that gay kids should commit suicide (if they don’t get the AIDS and die first).

Well. Purple looks good on me. sTupiT looks amazing on this guy. 
I really do feel bad for his kids, wife, school district and community. 


I’m listening to Annie Lennox right now and I am shocked because I can not believe Diva came out 21 years ago?! I’d swear it was just a few… But more than 2 decades?? It just doesn’t seem possible. It feels like just yesterday. And every f*cking song on this album still stands out and sounds like totally recent and fresh music. So weird. 

Who’s with me on this one? Or am I just crazy?