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June 2013

Sorry Google…

…and this isn’t just because you keep f*cking me over on my YouTube Channel and taking down my blog posts and making me behave- but Apple just dragged you across Silicon Valley by your hair and droped your *sses off back at the end of town where search engines are. Their new hardware made even your free 100 GB of cloud storage with the purchase of a ChromeBook computer *cough* look silly. Every time ‘ya think Apple is moving a little slow: BAM!! They come in with Big Fat Bass in your Face with something f*cking amazing. And as a person who just recently did 14 days with a ChromeBook and Galaxy S4, I can honestly say I am a Mac FanBoy. No one is ever going to catch up to them. Google: As I move my blog over to my own domain, and my videos over to my own server because you keep censoring me, let me tell you- you should be nice to your patrons. If we’re loyal, you should be too.

And don’t worry, I’ll be blogging about my experience living as an averge real world user of the ChromeBook, S4 and living in your cloud. Oh… don’t you worry.

Hi Apple!!