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August 2013

Dog Food

So, this very sweet dog named Izzy was being used as BAIT for dog-fights in South Central, and he was very wisely snatched up and taken to PCC for medical attention by a good-deeder. Amazingly, he loves people, and cats. He likes the car and he is apparently super affectionate and sweet. He is, however, afraid of other dogs. For now.
He needs a home. He deserves it. Anyone with a heart and soul, please repost this. 

Thank You!!

(1 dog was hurt in the making, not taking, but making of these photos) (also, PS, the Wh*re woman in the photo doesn’t come with the dog. it’s just the dog that needs a home. besides, the Wh*rey chic probably has fleas or something.)


So, that cute little puppy passed away yesterday afternoon and it just got me to thinking about how a veterinarian could just let an infant suffer and die because he wanted his money upfront. Even though I’m a foul-mouthed sexual harasser on line, I was touched at all the donations that came in for her. It got me to thinking that maybe I should start a fund, or some kind of non-profit for animals in just her situation. 

What do you think?
Oh, and “boobies”.