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November 2013

6 more Uglies.

Last night someone called me from the Antelope Valley and said that they got my number from their local vet (who I don’t know). They found 6 kittens in a box by the dumpster by their job. I went out and met with them. Yup. 6 kittens. Surprisingly healthy and fit considering the cruel and careless situation they we’re put in. But healthy nonetheless, thank goodness. I called a few people, pulled a few favors (nothing sexual this time), and all 6 are now in a safe place. 1 of them (the ugliest of the 6 Uglies) got adopted by this amazing woman and her daughter who just lost their dog to Cancer last month. 

I guess my point is, I wish stupid people would fix their pets. And if they don’t, and their pets have babies, I wish people who took said babies to dumpsters to get rid of them, get their balls/clits cut off. What is wrong with people?
There. That’s all. 

Got caught in bed…

So, the cat that I’m fostering jumped into my bed. I got him off real quick before 26 noticed him. If 26 would have seen the other cat in the bed, the mattress woulda’ got all tore up! 

Now see people… see how everything I just wrote could have been taken in a sexual nature? Yeah? Well, don’t be pigs. that’s my job.
BTW, having both the boys on the bed at he same time, even for just those 2 seconds, is more action than this mattress has seen since I bought this Motor Home in June. Sad. But True. Story.