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February 2014

It’s raining!

Oh I just love it when it rains! I’m so excited! I love hearing the pattering on the top of the motorhome when it starts to rain. I run around and I open up all the windows so that rain/grass/asphalt smell comes in. I just love that sh*t. My ex would not walk around outside with me whenever it rained even though I loved getting into sweats and a hoodie and walking around in the f*cking pouring rain. What a p*ssy. He can go f*ck himself. Actually I think he does fuck himself… He came home one night from a three-day trip and I found three dildos in a black plastic baggie from a sex shop. Yeah, no, now that I think about it I’m pretty sure he f*cks himself. Anyway it’s raining!! Yaaaaaaaaaah!