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February 2014

Again with the N-Word.

I’m at Jack-in-the-Crack ordering brussel sprouts and tofu, and this guy on line behind me says “I wish this N*gger would hurry it up.” I was pretty sure he was talking about the nice girl taking my health food order. I turned around and was like “Dude, this is 2014. Just because your teeth haven’t been brushed since 1996 doesn’t mean you have to be stupid, ignorant and rude.” That’s all I could come up with. Did I at least do good? 🙂

I whispered to the girl “You’re not even that dark, I could totally prolly’ see you with the lights off. F*ck that guy. Spit I’m his food.” She laughed. 🙂

Pizza Face

So, I did it again. It was an accident. I don’t know how this keeps happening. 

But I brought home an injured pigeon from Hollywood tonight. She was just walking across the street limping and with her wing hanging down. She looked so pathetic. If we didn’t turn around to get her she would have died one way or another for sure. So now she’s in a big bin with my sweatshirt, fresh water, and leftover pizza. And she’s covered up so it’ll stay nice and warm in there tonight. 
I’m hoping tomorrow she’s better, and I’ll assess what the Hell is wrong with her after she rests. 
BTW, she tweets and looks around and sits on my hand with no problem. She acts like a tame bird. I videotaped it because it seemed so odd that she just trusts me to pick her up and hold her, and she roosts on my arm like she’s tame. Weird. 
Look how (Ugly) she is. 

(normally the bird would get hurt in the making of this photo. lucky for her, 26 is a real pussy.)