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March 2014

I see Dirrty people. Everywhere.

So, it isn’t just Grindr that has all the perv’s on it. Even dating apps like OkCupid still has it’s trollers. Somebody who had 0% match with me begged me to go to a instant messaging platform called Kik, and then this is what happened… I swear to God perverted men are freaking everywhere.

(no one was hurt during the taking of this screenshot. just my hope for love…)

Aren’t we all sick of really big typo’s from really big outlets?

I mean, I have an excuse- I’m a 1 man show. Oh, and I’m lazy. But these big online news outlets have some crazy typo’s or extremely obvious sTupiT mistakes. Doesn’t anyone else get annoyed?

Well, as a gear-head who enjoys reading aaaaall the new car junkets, this one was really bad. And annoying. Don’t have have a guy who has a guy who has a guy to proof-read crap before they make the page live?

(anyone who can’t figure out what is wrong with this screenshot is an idiot… and I will hurt them)

My Brain.

So, I noticed this iOS in The Car video from Germany. Aside from being *slightly* informative- It is the most boring thing I have ever seen. I don’t understand what the triple repeat of every action was for…? It wasn’t the same thing from a different angle/same audio played 3 times… these were all different takes repeated. I only watched the whole f*cking thing because it had me curious as to what the H*ll they were doing. The only interesting thing about this video, is that in a few shots, you can see the redline on the tach was just under/right around 5K, which means this was a diesel engine… in a model that we as Americans won’t be getting, of course. (But it still made me hard).
Why can’t we have the 2.1 Twin-Turbo Diesel in their smaller cars? We get it in the E Class, which is amazing, but why not give it to us like they give themselves- in the CLA & C250? Sh*t, they have even smaller cars with a plethora of diesel engines. I want that.
Ummm… Did I just land so far away from where I started…? In reading back… Yes. Yes I did.

Anyway, here’s the stupid video.