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April 2014

Black Babies on Mopeds

It is 1:30 AM and I am juggling two little baby kittens who are (thank God) almost off the bottle, a job, another job, and no personal life at all. And me not having a personal life takes about all of my time. Anyway I had somebody in the back of my car tonight) (it’s not what it sounds like) and she wanted to have my “cracker *ss baby”. This beautiful chocolate lovely woman wanted to have my baby. I said no. But I said it like this: “Listen, I already have children at home that I don’t take care of. Do you really want me to have another one that I ignore?” And her response was “I don’t know let’s try it.” Love. Her. #sl*t. 

I’m scheduling this so it posts at 10:30 AM so you stupid working f*ckers can have it make your day even more funerer. Poop.