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April 2014

And this is what I was doing all day…

This is not my fault. I did not do this. However I was present when it happened. And honestly, it was a lot more grosserer before he got stitched up. But you be the judge. And I’m the one who did the on-site triage, kept him calm, and kept his human daddy calm. And shockingly- I actually stayed calm as well. Everything I learned in that animal first aid class that I took along time ago worked. If you ever need somebody to help you with a bloody dog situation… Don’t call me because I’ve had enough. Today was my fill. Also, yuck.

(one dog was hurt in the making of this photo collage. awwww…sad face.)


Well, because of a NDA that I had to sign this morning for a new TV show that I’m gonna be on (!!) I was asked to take down all of my social media sites. So as of tonight at Midnight I’m all done. I’m going archive everything for sure, but my Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, and Tumblr are all going the way of the Doo-Doo Bird in less than four hours. F*ckin’ H*ll- I’m going to miss f*cking with you guys every day posting hillariuos screenshots of Grindr sTupiTiTy, calling you all Wh*res and telling you about my bowel movements. But this is actually a good thing. I’m moving forward, but l am leaving so much fun behind :(.

One day I’ll upload all the archives to my website so we can all look back at when I used to acknowledge you Wh*res.