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September 2014

Harry & her Protector

So, these two EXTREMELY Ugly kittens were found dumped in South LA about 2 months ago. They are not related, however, the boy (about 3 weeks older than the girl) has been her “protector” since we rescued them. So, that being the case, and them only getting even closer while they’ve been in a wonderful Foster Home with other cats and dogs (big & small), I refuse to separate them. They are SO SO sweet. The Foster Auntie and I have decided there is no way we are letting them go to separate homes.
So- will you guys PLEASE help us find them a great and wonderfully loving home for them? We paid for their shots, and to have their baby-making parts ripped from their person, lol. They are all ready to go. We are not looking for a donation, we are looking for a HOME. I can’t stand those rescues who charge enormous amounts of money and say it’s to make sure that the prospective parents have enough money to take care of them properly. B*llshit. Some of that money is to defray the costs of fixing and care and food and etc. etc; but we happily paid for that ourselves and through an extremely generous donation from the ever amazing Nina Sussman. So, Just a good home. Forever. With lots of love and play. Kids OK. Cats OK. Dogs OK. But they must go together. I mean, just LOOK at these two f*ckers!! KA-YOOT!

PS, Look at how the how the bigger, older brother is looking concerned at the other cat playing with his baby Sister… Isn’t that pic ADORABLE??!
And yes the back story was vague, but it was sad and disgusting, so I spared you all. Just know that they are safe, happy, healthy and amazing now. They have the rest of their lives to be happy now!

(no one was hurt during the taking of these pictures. however, my heart got all soft inside when i saw them)