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October 2014

Who wants to read a SIZZLING email to Fat Christie Metroploe and her Leather Handbag Avarie Shevin from

Yeah, you do. Take a look!

PS, The Alex that I refer to is this crazy and awesome chick that runs the Pet Care Clinic on Slauson Ave in Los Angeles. She does a lot of good for a lot of animals. This Christie is the same mess “TNR” lady from who has over 100 cats in her garage, illegal Veterinarian Meds- and an autistic man in her GARAGE (who she clearly takes advantage of. He is made to sleep on a cot in her f*cking garage with over 100 cats). Anyway, same b*tch.

PPS, This email was in response to them bad-mouthing me (again, boo-hoo) and refusing to help (again) 5 newborn kittens because they were somehow connected to me (the people who found them called me first- who cares?) Alex (who Christi f*cked over pretty good this year and badmouths ALL the time, to everyone… just not as much as she does me, lol) made these two slags take the kittens- Period.
PPPS, God D*MN I’m mean when I’m advocating for little Ugly critters!!

Aaaaand here’s the email:

(i’m sure only Chrusti’s *Siri did it, I swear!* fat feeling was hurted, and Avarie ‘prolly just had a beer. or some coke. but no one was hurt because Alex saved some kitties)
(i lied about Siri. why take blame when i can say Steve Jobs did it?)