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November 2014

This picture can’t not to be shared.

Someone just sent me this photo. I’m assuming it’s his rèsumè photograph for the Vatican.

No seriously though, this was the photograph that was sent to me to try to entice me to go out on a date. I could not stop laughing. Could. Not. Stop. And you know the rest.

(i can only assume that a penis was pinched in the making of this photograph.)

One last plea to

So, Stray Cat Alliance – “Building a no kill nation, one stray at a time”, specifically Christine Metropole, was served a notice by the City of Los Angeles Animal Control stating that she needs to comply with the law, which is currently a maximum of 3 cats per household. They have gotten multiple complaints, including 1 from myself, that she has over 100 cats in her garage at her residence. She did not respond. A mutual friend tried to warn her and her response to her was “I don’t want to hear it”. So, Christie, hopefully someone that follows SCA or me here on FB, Twitter & G+ who knows you, will see this and implore you to get these innocent animals to safe Foster Homes QUICKLY before the City seizes them.
This isn’t someone being a trouble-maker. This is about a lady who has a God Complex and thinks she’s above the law because she handshakes with lots of important people, and in turn it’s going to hurt her own 100+ cats, then lose her boosters because they won’t want to be associated with this kind of scam/negative publicity/crazy hoarder cat lady B.S. and then the cats outside her garage who should benefit from those donations will be affected by the lack of resources.
I would be embarrassed to say I ever worked with the folks at SCA if she just sits on her *ss and does nothing. Tic-Tock.

If anyone who is reading this has a big fat heart for all creatures, or maybe just for cats, please ask her to the right thing before her cats get hauled off by the City. Tag SCA in your post, like I did. Tag SCA in Twitter and Google Plus. Get her to see reason. And if you know anyone who could Foster a cat or 3, let her know that too.

Let’s love one another. Even those we dislike. I dislike Christie Metropole, but I would be first in line to take 2 kitties from her garage if she would let me.

Stray Cat Alliance @StrayCat @StrayCatAlliance @VocalVirgo


Now, this woman is saying that the cats have been out of her garage for 3 months (FINALLY admitting that she had all these cats) and have been at a (wonderful) place called Londoloza. So I called. Londoloza. I spoke with Pat, the owner and not only is that completely untrue (plus she has room for 20 cats, no more), she was shocked to hear Christie Metropole is hoarding and mixing (healthy cats with communicable kitties) in her GARAGE. And you know what- making another person and their nice boarding facility a scapegoat is so dumb. What if the City were to go in THERE and say “Hey, Christi Metropole is saying that she gave 1xx cats to you here in this facility. You have a permit for 20…” or something to that effect. An inspection would waste her time. #Selfish
You would think Christie would have the brains to at least TELL the place she’s using them as her out, lol.
But what this really means is that the cats are still in her garage.
This lady is a pathological liar. And she belongs in jail, seriously.