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November 2014

Dog hit by car. Please help!

Hey you guys… Alex from PCC at 2009 W. Slauson Ave in Los Angeles just had this poor boy brought to the animal hospital in a box. He has to have BOTH of his eyes removed tomorrow, otherwise he could potentially die of infection- not to mention the pain he must have been in before they put him on meds. He was hit by a car and left on the road for dead. Someone was finally kind enough to pull over, pick him up and rush him in. Jesus.
Can some of you PLEEEEEZE donate some money to help with his care?? He’s so sweet and scared. PLEASE??!
The phone # at the hospital is (323) 294-4030. Please call and help out.

(obviously this poor guy was hurt in the making of this photo)

I love the rain.

I just got home after a grueling day of helping people, helping animals, and being a little bit bloated from having some pizza this afternoon. No sooner do I walk in and get greeted by my gorgeous little rat, and find the kitty waiting right at the door for me, it starts to rain- and I love the sound of the rain on the rubber roof of the motorhome that I live in. #Love. #TheSimpleThings