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December 2014

Service me… but take your time.

So I’m at the dealer this lovely morning to get the “mandatory” first oil change on me vehicle. I’m not allowed to change it myself or I void the waranty. Bullsh*t. Anyway, they told me upon sale of such fine Mexican assembly that they would give me the parts required for the first 2 oil changes and write it up as though they did the service. Of COURSE they changed their mind after I drove off the lot. Now, with all this b*tching, you’d think I was good. Nope. This is my actual complaint: The time it took them to “check in” my car, I could have changed the oil myself, washed up, and j*rked off. Seriously.

Have a wonderfull last day of the year!!

Grateful we shall be

I have this friend who is homeless, penniless, and has an outstanding warrant for a DUI court appearance no-show… We have no other choice but to take her to the police station. This way at least she has a roof over her head and three hot meals a day. She has no friends, my landlord will not let her on the property… The Shelters turned her away. Can’t get into a rehab either.. I mean, this truly is her #Rockbottom. 

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