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May 2015


I’m watching this TV show on Netflix called super volcano. I’m about halfway through the first episode. Out of nowhere some music starts to play and I hear this one sound all by itself and I’m like “oh my gosh!” – it’s the same exact string sound, cello to be more specific, that’s used in the intro of a song I recorded in 2003 called “Can I Go On?”

I guess that production company and mild production company bought the same royalty-free discs of loops, lol. 
#fu2ah!Music #supervolcano #10WestMusic 

Has anyone seen Madonna on Ask Anything/Saturday Night Online?

I’m not a shallow person – but I cannot believe how good she looked. She looked super young, healthy, fresh… I could go on and on. But what I loved the most is that she was funny without even trying. The whole thing was just kind of surprisingly hilarious. @Madonna is probably funnier than any of us expected she could be. 

@ Madonna babe, I adore you and I know we’re going to record that song together sometime next year, but I want you to stay exactly how you are now. You’re cute, you’re funny, you don’t take sh*t, you have thick skin, and you seriously just keep getting better and better. I am fully impressed. I am yours. 
But you can’t have sex with me, because B*tch I’m VocalVirgo. 
#madonna # VocalVirgo #SaturdayNightOnline #AskAnything