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August 2015

Open Letter to UPS

You say that you don’t judge the contents of what people are shipping, but yet you won’t transport Ivory. But you will however transport the dead carcasses of endangered animals that hunters have killed. Make up your mind. Don’t think with your wallet. We only have so many animals left of so many species on this planet. We are by far the stupidest species, but let’s try to be smart about this, shall we UPS?


There are so many stray dogs and cats all over this city. It makes me so sad. There’s a mother cat whose kittens are somewhere stashed away and shockingly she let me pet her. Probably because she was in the middle of having an attack of heat exhaustion and couldn’t run from me. I desperately want to see where she’s keeping her kittens so that I can take all of them. I would find the best home ever for her and her babies if she would only show me where they are. 
And the two male pit bulls that were roaming around the grocery store broke my heart. I couldn’t believe an adult male pitbull was letting this young three or four-month-old male pitbull puppy run with him. They were both so gorgeous. If I could have gotten them in my car I would’ve done it. But it’s crazy – I called them over and squatted down and they walked over and let me pet them. But, when I saw that I had no food offer they kept moving along. 
If anyone reading this is touched at all, please donate to your local Humane Society.