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March 2016

The US government claims they unlocked the iPhone used by hijacker without Apples help.

Yep. That’s right. According to the New York Times, the US government, whatever branch, said that they have cracked into the iPhone bypassing Apple’s security measures. Tomorrow everybody’s going to be talking about how secure Apple devices really are if someone from the government could get a hacker to get into the phone. But what they should be doing instead is asking themselves “Is the story the truth, or does the government just not want to go to trial and lose?”
I personally think that the phone was not accessed. Not because I think that Apples OS security is unbreachable, I just think that some folks in the government just did not see this as something they want to risk their clout on. 
I command all the companies that stood up for privacy and security of their customers Dash United States residents. You know, us little people.
Brought to you by the New York Times. And me. 🙂

Second stop cross-country, not as nice.

(I safe and secure church parking lot behind bars. Not ideal, but a good stay over for the night.)

Sometimes when you are full-time RVing and have a destination in mind, parking lot stops overnight are inevitable. This one isn’t so bad, just unexpected. The kitty got sick from extreme anxiety driving in the motorhome. I felt really bad so I headed back towards Los Angeles where my spot is and made it as far as a church parking lot. I hate flying, and I think this is 26’s version of flying. And I just can’t bear to put him through it if he hates it so much. Trust me- as a terrible flyer, I can totally empathize with him. So I have a decision to make: not take him or leave the motorhome at my place in Los Angeles and drive my car (without him) and tent my way across the country. I’ll miss the fun and excitement of being in the RV, and will miss my cat too of course, but tent camping is also a lot of fun for me. We’ll see how it turns out. The next few days will tell.

What your #Dieselgate TDI was worth before the scandal

Kelley Blue Book TDI Vehicle Fair Purchase Price Values Then And Now. Not Pretty. #Dieselgate

I hope you choke in that cloud of soot.

We will be closely tracking vehicle values over the next weeks as these are likely to deteriorate with the lost trust in VW and possible changes in performance and/or fuel economy once a software fix is applied. The below is a table of fair purchase prices for the base model TDI versions for each of the affected models and years. At this point, it is a snapshot of the average prices as they were before the scandal had an effect. As these prices change, we will use values for comparable, non-TDI vehicles to estimate any differences. 
All data was pulled from the Kelley Blue Book websiteNote that we are listing only model years and not manufacturing years. For most vehicles the actual model designation varied over the past six years. The exact model referenced is shown when hovering over the price. There were no used car prices available for the Golf SportWagen TDI, which started to be sold in the summer of 2015.
UPDATE 2016-02-12: Another Friday, another drop in prices. Several TDI models have now declined more than 20% in used market value since the scandal broke in September. Although there are encouraging rumors about a potential buyback program by VW, we have yet to hear official word.
Since September 23, 2015 the average change in prices for TDI models was -15.33%, while prices for comparable non-TDI models changed by -8.76%. 
Model 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Audi A3 $15,241 $16,614 $17,766 $20,045
Beetle $14,480 $16,342
Beetle Convertible $15,648 $18,894
Golf 2D $10,944 $12,029 $13,563 $14,898
Golf 4D $11,373 $12,353 $14,112 $15,657 $18,037 $18,988
Jetta $8,336 $9,805 $11,414 $12,194 $13,933 $15,791 $18,968
Jetta SportWagen $9,266 $10,386 $12,399
Passat $13,890 $15,175 $17,448 $19,758
My vehicle lost $6000 in value! Data retrieved on Friday, March 25, 2016
Below are the benchmark fair purchase prices that were used. The first table is for the TDI models, the second lists prices for the models used as comparators.
Model 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Audi A3 $17,097 $19,328 $20,787 $23,389
Beetle $16,286 $18,375
Beetle Convertible $18,580 $21,923
Golf 2D $11,963 $13,409 $15,558 $17,398
Golf 4D $12,465 $13,919 $16,534 $18,056 $20,093 $21,390
Jetta $10,101 $11,911 $13,517 $14,905 $17,155 $19,861 $23,633
Jetta SportWagen $12,199 $13,412 $15,342
Passat $16,979 $19,378 $21,697 $23,675