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March 2016

Rebeca Silas

So this dumb b*tch posts an ad on craigslist saying that she has two Husky puppies that she can’t keep and that they are free. As a matter of fact her exact post title is: “Well mannered Siberian huskies for free rehoming”

So I click on the link, and she wants money for the puppies. So I sent her an email, a copy of it provided for you nosy people here, to pretty much tell her that she’s stupid. And then she sends me a response. Guess what, I’ve also provided that. Enjoy.
But here’s the screenshot that matters the most:

Peter and Walter the cockatoo.

(Bad smudgy picture I know. But this is Walter. He lives in Australia and wants to live inside with Peter. Please read on)

This is Peter’s Periscope. He lives in Australia. And there are wild cockatoos all over the neighborhood, but there is one in particular who he has named Walter. Walter has beak and feather disease. It is incurable. It is absolutely adorable to watch Walter continuously try to come inside Peters flat because he just wants to be with him. And he is quite tame. He lets Peter pet him and scratch him and again, he tries to sneak into the flat constantly just to be with Peter. I think we should convince Peter to let Walter live inside. The other cockatoos pick on him because he’s weaker. And to be quite honest, if people like Peter weren’t there to feed him, Walter probably would not be able to feed himself given his disability. Use the link above to follow Peter on his periscope channel and tell him VocalVirgo wants him to let Walter live with him. I think we can raise enough money to get Walter a decent sized cage/aviary for Peter’s flat.

Homophobe: The Truth About Cars’ Jack Baruth

(Photos courtesy of the truth about cars @ttac #TheTruthAboutCars and one small helpless brain)

@TTAC Jack Baruth’s March 17th article was riddled with sexism and homophobia. “The swishy waiter…” Really? You published that? It’s 2016. Your writers/contributors are a direct reflection of your brand. And right now, The Truth About Cars seems like it’s OK with homophobia and some pretty questionable comments about women.

Cross Country RV Trip 2015 no.1

Well, my first stop is in the beautiful Angeles national Forest. Before leaving California I couldn’t bear to not visit a couple of places that I’ve already loved before. I have a view to die for. On the side of a mountain overlooking the Angeles Crest. It was a great drive up here, no problems thank goodness. I’m looking to get new tires while I’m appear from the original dealer that I bought my motorhome from so many years ago. I think they’ll give me a good deal because I pretty much have given every one of their sales and service staff oral. I believe I was good enough for a discount on tires. I may not have time to stop at slab city like I want to, but I will definitely do it on my way back into Los Angeles at the end of summer. At the end of the hot baking summer when it’s OK to be there, LOL. I will try to post a blog and a photo or a YouTube video every day.

It’s already amazing.