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April 2016

Google’s new icons: Take 2

Starting from the top, these are the evolutions of Google’s app icons. God, this makes me really glad I didn’t switch to android. I almost wouldn’t be able to live with these icons on my screen. 
The top row all look relevant and recognizable even to a blind marmoset. But every subsequent generation just gets worse.
Maybe it’s posts like these white Google took my AdSense away…? LOL.

It’s a bad #Lyft

My buddy “Mike” is a hard working,  #Lyft driver Who works long hours. And he helped these guys load $400 worth of liquor, beer and chips into his car, drove them home for grand total of $2.80. Then he helped them unload all the groceries and guess what? They didn’t even say thank you or tip him via the App. Some people. That really annoys me. I really don’t think that a #Lyft or #Uber driver should ever get a ride that’s less than $5.00. I feel like the minimum payment to a driver should be $5.00. 
Maybe sometimes the passengers are inconsiderate. But I still love Lyft. I love their whole business model. And I love what they stand for.