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October 2016

Happy Monday. Stalk me.

For those of you, my #Stalkers, who have friends that love animals or love to camp/RV or love inappropriate humor or love the gays (and even the blacks) or love staying in shape… Please tell them to follow me on #SocialMedia. I will entertain them. And if I can’t do that, I promise to perform #Oral on them. Even the girl ones.

And here is a photo that will hopefully get you in trouble at work.


Shout Out to @Lyft

Big shout out to one of my favorite companies- @Lyft! They have the best drivers, are a super cool company for people to work for and make money on their own schedule, and d*mmit, they’re just so much fun!

If you’ve never been a passenger, but want to be. It’s $50 in free rides! That’s enough get you back/forth to the Wh*re House at least 2 1/2 times!! 🙂 Use the code VOCALVIRGO to get the $50!