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August 2017

Sh*tting in a Van

I’m just going to get to it. I am sitting on a @LuggableLoo, in my unfinished #CamperVan- taking a sh*t. I have never. But it’s not so bad. It’s a little awkward of a feeling because I can’t move around too much because it could tip over with me in it. Oh god, could you imagine if an almost full #CompostingToilet fell over in your van!!? Oh god, scary. I swear I’m just trying to keep it 100 % real, because this is the kind of stuff I couldn’t find on the Internet. Anyway, when I’m done I’m going to cover it up with shavings, put the lid back down and pretend it never happened. And yes, I’m talking pictures. Hell, I might Periscope this. I’ll at least post photos on @Instagram tomorrow. When the shame falls away.