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September 2017

Moving to Alabama. #RoyMoore

I just heard about this guy Roy Moore in Alabama. I’m so excited. I think my boyfriend and I are going to move down to Alabama immediately, hopefully right next-door to him, and sodomize one another all over our lawn, in every room of the house  with the curtains opened, possibly on the roof too… Pretty much anywhere he can get sight of us.

Oh my God I’m about to have so much sex. Thank you Roy Moore.

@VocalVirgo #Instagram

So I’m shopping for a small pond heater for my gorgeous, wonderful, awesome, perfect, beautiful outside turtles. And I find this one. It’s glass, which won’t work for my needs, but I zoomed in on the first picture and for some strange reason they are advertising the heater with a big break/shatter/hole in the glass. That is some oversight! They’re actually showing one that’s broken, LOL.
Good going @TetraFish