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May 2018

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This #HateText Just came to my phone. This is the third one I’ve gotten in the last few months. And they are always late at night, probably because the fool is only brave enough once he/she are drunk, LOL. I’ve been getting these since I have been an active part of a movement to stop the killing of innocent animals in a pond in Livermore California. #GottaLoveTheInternet

Very sad Springtown pond update. Livermore California.

The pond was seined and everything caught in it was euthanized. The city previously promised that all of the non-native/invasive species of turtles – which really are just people’s discarded pets, would be brought to the turtle and tortoise sanctuary in Castro Valley. Instead, they euthanized all of the animals. I double checked with the man who runs the turtle rescue in Castro Valley and he confirmed that the city did not surrender any animals to him, and he has not even spoken to anyone from the city in months.

I have written and left voicemails, no less than 100 to JUDY who is in charge of this, begging her to allow citizens who want to, adopt these discarded turtles into their own backyard ponds. She would not respond. And yesterday, they were all euthanized. I asked her as a human, as a woman, as a mother – how could she feel OK about killing all of these animals? I asked her if she had any guilt whatsoever.

I don’t know what else to say. It’s over. As a community, we couldn’t even save a whole bunch of innocent animals. As a race, I think as humans, we can be so unbelievably selfish. JUDY had no right to be the decision-maker over hundreds of animals lives yesterday. I actually asked her the question “if somebody dropped a puppy off in a box on your doorstep, would you take it inside or maybe bring it to the pound… Or would you kill it? She had no comment. She has had no comment on any of my questions in the last few months. And I think that says it all.

We lost. A lot of animals died. The innocent animals that we were trying to save are dead.

The city of Livermore is forever going to be shamed for this.

@VocalVirgo #Instagram

This was an email I sent to the Public Works Manager today. They are involved in disturbing protected animal abitat. One of these three people mentioned even told a news reporter that the plan to bury the pond in rubble and dirt would be postponed until all of the ducklings that have hatched so far, fledge. They have not kept that promise. Large machinery and dozens of dump trucks full of rubble and dirt have driven through the pond area running over ducks and turtles while at the same time destroying their habitat and scaring the sh*t out of these animals. Most people in this town are livid because this is clearly animal abuse. @livermoredowntown