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September 2018

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This is one of many private messages that I have received on the website. @sportsmobilewest has screwed over a lot of people. They are tarnishing the brand’s reputation.
But I can say this, I called Sportsmobile in Texas and they could not have been nicer. And they are not pleased at the way Sportsmobile West is treating my situation and how they are not taking responsibility to do repairs correctly and deal with the problems. So many people are talking about their own bad experiences on the forums. There are about half a dozen Class B forums that I am on, and every one of them has threads about how bad Sportsmobile West is, or how badly they been treated. They should be ashamed. What they’re doing to their customers, including myself, is deplorable.

And yes, they blocked me so that I can’t tag them on my Instagram photos, so that all of their followers can’t see these. #snakesinthegrass

Thor is buying Erwin Hymer & RoadTrek. Hymer, you SUCK.

I totally called it. A year and a half ago when Hymer rolled off their first piece of shit Class B van that was literally falling apart, brand new in the Camping World parking lots… I knew they wouldn’t last. They bought RoadTrek so that they could use the Canadian facility to build their piece of shit vans. And because their vans are such shit, and nobody is buying them, and there are still 2017 leftovers, they lost their shirts. It certainly did not help that they started building the beloved RoadTreks like they built their Sunlight V1, V2, and the rediculous Carado line. RoadTrek was a quality brand before Erwin Hymer Group bought them. Hopefully, Thor Industries Inc. will spare the brand and keep them rolling off the line, as a cheaper alternative to their already acquired Airstream Class B “Interstate” vans. Either way, EcoTrek may suffer, and so will current owners of the technology.

If Erwin Hymer Group would have put out some good products, people would’ve actually bought them, and this never would’ve happened. And of course, people are still waiting for their crazy-gorgeous, light-weight, European fiberglass campers – that will never come, LOL, but not actually funny.

Thor: Don’t make owners of the fairly new EcoTrek suffer! Offer support even if you nix the technology, which is your perogative.

Here is my original video from a Crappy Camping World of the Hymer Sunlight V1 Van One. Disgraceful fit/finish.