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November 2018

@VocalVirgo #Instagram

In case anyone is interested, the online forum that this happened on was It was a total pile-on. Other members complained, but even the moderators joined in.
This is the second forum I am/was a member of, where people bullied and #GayShamed me (and other members).
And that’s why if you want to join a specific forum, you should join a Facebook Group instead. @facebook would never allow this to happen. But independent online forums often have no rules (that they enforce). #LoveOneAnother

Sportsmobile Decal

Hello lovely followers. I am using my blog to share a photo with the community.  This post literally has nothing to do with anything. But, this was the quickest way to share a link with members of a forum I am part of. In other words, I’m using my own blog, in the laziest way possible to share something over the Internet. Um…  it’s called “lazy“, LOL.

You’re Welcome. 😉