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November 2018

@VocalVirgo #Instagram

@neutrogena This is gross. How can you call your products “cruelty-free” when you test on animals in China? Yes, China actually REQUIRES testing on animals, which is super f*cked up, but you should not be allowed to bill yourselves as “cruelty-free”, because you are not.
OR, even better, stop selling in China. No one should be forced to hurt animals in order to sell their products- anywhere… that’s ridiculous. Lose China sales. Big deal. Do the right thing.

@VocalVirgo #Instagram

Class Action Lawsuit against @SportsmobileWest (who blocked me so I’m also tagging parent company @sportsmobiletexas)

Hagens Berman, the law office that headed the Class Actions against Volkswagen’s, Audi’s, and Porche’s cheating diesel scandal, and the infamous Toyota lawsuit… (and so many others)- and won, is now looking into taking action against Sportsmobile for the denial of repairs, damages, and knowingly using defective parts on some of its customer’s vehicles, among other things. If you have, or have had problems that Sportsmobile would not address, even if it was in the past, they want to hear from you.
I know there are so many of you, including myself, who just gave up and sold/are selling our vans because they have made it impossible to get repairs done. And may of us couldn’t afford to fight with their lawyer (which was their intended outcome)… You, we, should all let this law firm, who has an excellent track record for winning suits on behalf of their clients, know what has happened in your (our) particular case. They are welcoming detailed emails at this point. It would be a huge win if they take the Class Action because they seem to have won all of the major ones in recent history. If you feel that you have been wrongfully denied warranty repairs, or anything that was unfair or possibly illegal, I implore you to get in touch and let them know your story.
The email to do this is:

For the sake of those of us who have been treated wrongly or been denied proper/full repairs, or flat out denied warranty repairs at all, please email this law firm to help give all of us a chance to get our issues with our messed up vans fixed. We want to enjoy them as much as those who were lucky enough to not have any/many issues.
Companies should not get away with refusing to fix (repair,replace) defective products we pay our hard earned money for. F*ck that.