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January 2019

@VocalVirgo #Instagram

Yesterday someone went into Joshua Tree National Park and went into a no driving/camping/walking area by cutting the chains on the gate. This huge area is closed off for the purposes of Habitat Restoration. Then this person/persons proceeded to go 4-wheeling over dozens of acres, and then… wait for it… *cut down a 400-year-old Joshua tree*. There was no staff there because the government is shutdown.

I am disgusted.
Thanks for holding hundreds of thousands of government employees hostage, Donald Trump. Someone raised you wrong. There is something wrong with you.

@VocalVirgo #Instagram

1 down, 1 to go. -2016 Honda CB500F, a total chick-magnet (or your gender of choice).
SOLD this paste weekend. -2017 Sportsmobile ProMaster Custom Camper Van FOR SALE on the Cheap for $42,000.
Both were hard to put up for sale, but I’m glad the bike went to someone who already loves it. And I hope he enjoys it for a long long time. Also hoping the right person comes along and finds that the #sportsmobile #sportsmobilewest camper van is exactly what they have always wanted. I’ll be happy knowing it will be loved and used to make wonderful memories for someone or a family that loves camping and traveling. Just can’t sell it to a gay person, or gay couple, or a gay family… because @SportsmobileWest in Fresno are a bunch of homophobic *sshats (It’s the main reason I am selling it). Still sad though to put it up for sale because I put so much of myself into building it. But I will not have anything to do with hateful bigots who are completely unapologetic about it. Fantastic and beautiful build-out (custom design & built by me), but selling it #OnPrinciple. It’s the right thing to do.
Let’s be honest, the bike was harder to let go of,lol. 😉