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April 2019

Amazon shuns/deletes negative reviews. #FairPlay

Here is the review, word for word, on a product I received that was uses and damaged. After calling their customer support team, I was promised a replacement. It hasn’t shown up yet, but other buyers WERE able to get their reviews in, and many of them also complained about this particular product arriving used/refurbishe(?). I have been using @Twitter to get my point across, and they just don’t seem to get it.

This is the review that was REJECTED by @Amazon. Not cool. Manipulating reviews and ratings this way is totally unfair.

Amazon review for used Schumacher Inverter shipment.

“I have ordered two of these. The first one I received over a year ago and is was/is absolutely flawless. Total powerhouse. However, I am rating this item at 2 stars because the second one I ordered, which arrived two days ago, is very clearly a used or refurbished item. All of the hardware was loose inside the box and not in a sealed bag, the way it comes when the item is new. Also, there were scars on this unit making it clearly obvious that it had been installed and used. Some of the hardware was even stripped. Someone was decent enough to put the cables back into a twisty tie, but the ends of the positive and negative cables are obviously scarred up. Please see attached pictures.

Maybe it was mistakenly shipped out when it should have been sent back to the manufacture as a returned item. I called Amazon, and they said that they are the seller so they take full responsibility. But, the manufacturer either supplied them with this used unit and did so knowingly, or the nice hard-working folks at Amazon’s distribution center grabbed a returned item on accident or someone mistakenly put this returned item back on the shelf for sale. Amazon is sending out a replacement, and although this is an inconvenience, I will change my rating if the replacement unit is indeed NEW and in perfect working order.

I am super disappointed at the quality control we have experienced in the last 6 to 12 months with Amazon. I find myself sending many more things back these days more than ever. 

Along with Amazon being inundated with fake reviews, which they are trying to get a hold of, they also almost always don’t allow comments and reviews like this one. So I fully expect this not to be posted, or for it to be deleted. That is not fair play. This happened. I should be able to post an honest review.”

Amazon rejecting negative reviews.