6 more Uglies.

Last night someone called me from the Antelope Valley and said that they got my number from their local vet (who I don’t know). They found 6 kittens in a box by the dumpster by their job. I went out and met with them. Yup. 6 kittens. Surprisingly healthy and fit considering the cruel and careless situation they we’re put in. But healthy nonetheless, thank goodness. I called a few people, pulled a few favors (nothing sexual this time), and all 6 are now in a safe place. 1 of them (the ugliest of the 6 Uglies) got adopted by this amazing woman and her daughter who just lost their dog to Cancer last month. 

I guess my point is, I wish stupid people would fix their pets. And if they don’t, and their pets have babies, I wish people who took said babies to dumpsters to get rid of them, get their balls/clits cut off. What is wrong with people?
There. That’s all. 

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