A worthy cause

From my friend Patch:

Hey folks this is Ali(Ah-Lee). He is a 1 year old kitty that belongs to Xander(@xandermonologue).
Ali was adopted last year by my friend who has grown to love him very much. The love is reciprocated from Ali as well. Every morning Ali normally climbs into Xander’s bed and kneads his paws on his chest. 
However, last week Xander found little Ali crying and yowling in pain. He wouldn’t leave his litter box and his twin brother(Boom) wouldn’t leave his side and kept licking his face to comfort him.
Ali was immediately taken to the vet and was diagnosed with a painful obstruction of the urethra. This turned out to be a life-threatening emergency which left Xander with little time to decide. 
Xander has grown to love Ali so much that he was willing to go through with the procedure to save him. 
However, Xander currently is going through a rough time as he’s dealing with a severe back injury which prevents him from working often. This leaves him in a very tight position to pay for the procedure(estimated at $2,000.00). Xander and Ali would be grateful for any help. 

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