Another Google/Apple debate in my (small) brain.

Has anyone switched from Apple’s ecosystem to Google’s? I wanna hear experiences. Is anyone FULLY on Google (Chromebook, Android, Google TV, Google Play, Google Drive etc. “Living in Google’s Cloud and using only Google devices and OS’s”…). If so, I wanna talk to you.

I PROMISE that this is the 1% of the time where I’m not going to say anything sexual or talk dirrty or toilet. It’s Sunday, July 29th, 2012… it’s my smut-free day.

Yeah… So back to Google. Responses please. Anyone who responds with real-world answers/experience gets Oral from me.
Wait… what?


  • Jenny All

    July 30, 2012

    I have an apple tv, an android phone and a windows computer. How's that?

  • VocalVirgo

    July 30, 2012

    Jenny All: Thank you so much for responding. But you, my dear, are slow. First of all, you aren't even close. Secondly, how does it feel to have 3 different things going on? You feel special?
    I will forgive you if you let me touch your boobs.

  • Jason Decker

    August 1, 2012

    All Google all the time. Chrome browser, Android, Google Play, Google Play Music, Google Drive, G+, livin' in a Google cloud. Except for my MacBook. Chromebooks can't keep up with my power software but, as soon as they can…

    So… what d'ya wanna know?

  • Nuttsy1la

    August 2, 2012

    All Google here. Switched over to the Android phone and I don't miss the Blackberry or the iPhone 3G at all. It is fast, it integrates into everything, and the apps are free or quite a bit cheaper. I have a Logitech GoogleTV and I love it, I haven't turned on my AppleTV in months, probably won't. I have Youtube, Hulu, Netflix, and my Plex server all streaming to it flawlessly. I use Chrome on my Mac, and my PC at work, and everything syncs including my bookmarks right to my phone… I can also send a page right to my phone from the browser with one click. Throw in my GoogleDrive and all my documents like my resume are mirrored in real time to all my devices without a hiccup. Google Music is kinda good – but at least it doesn't make me dock my f*cking phone to sync everything. I just drop the new music I downloaded into my Music Manager and it syncs them to all my devices within about a minute or so.

    Overall, I have converted. I still will use my Mac laptop, and my PC desktop, but with the Google apps they all chat just fine and without me having to think about it OR pay Apple for the privilege of syncing it all. You do it right and I think you'll be a happy boy.


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