Apple Music review, July 1, 2015

Oh Apple what have you done? I am not a stupid person, but I am so unbelievably confused by the new Apple Music interface. The UI boggles my brain. And there’s a crazy sort of weird clutter aside from the fact that everyone of the tabs at the bottom brings up a completely different look. Adding your favorite artists to personalize your radio stations and tastes is all but impossible with the weird flying bouncing bubbles (a ‘la Google+ ?) that don’t go away even after you’ve chosen the artist you like. Then you’re stuck with a tricky screen to try and find other smaller bubbles of other artists that you would like to like, but you can’t because the bubbles don’t go away. Or move out of the way. It becomes a game of on-screen air hockey to try and get new smaller bubbles of artists you haven’t seen yet, but that the user might want to touch to add them to our ever-growing favorite artists that you know we all have. 

God I hope it’s easier to do from my laptop. Because on my iPhone, it’s kind of a disaster. And even if I could set it up easier on my iPhone, like it should be… the interface still stinks a little. There is just way too much going on for just 5  little tabs down at the bottom- (which I love because they were kept simple and relevant). Didn’t Apple invent continuity? Each one of those tabs looks like a completely different app altogether. I’m sad. The music app was pretty d*mn good before. 
And how come the new Beats 1 radio station is always on top? I get it. I do. But if I never want to listen to that station do I always have to see it front and center every time I open up the app?
One last thing – how come we can’t add independent artists in there with our favorites? We can only “Connect” to them.
I’m done now. I still have a big crush on you Tim Cook, don’t worry. 🙂

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