AT&T is enemy #1 today…

I added AT&T U-verse to my AT&T wireless account, which has 10 lines on it… And the first bill comes in and I pay both the wireless and the U-verse. I somehow  have an $11 credit. However,  they turned everything off because they said I have a $17 balance that is unpaid. #Unbelievable.  My online bill pay account has been wiped out. All payment methods – gone. All the names that were attached to each person’s wireless line – gone. And the option to pay this “past due balance” is there, but will not allow me to pay  with a credit card, checking account or savings account. Oh and did I forget, their online chat is also down. I tried to access that through my iPad that I have through a different service.

I guess it actually doesn’t pay to pay your bills on time.



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