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If anyone wants illegal prescription drugs…

Some d*uchie-d*uchebag just called me and tried to sell me Ambien & Valium. I told him to suckle the skin between my *ss and b*llsack. Then he insisted I had ordered from him before . I insisted he lose my number. Then he told me he can send me drugs COD. I told him if I wanted drugs COD I’d just ask the last person I was dating for some- as he redly steals, and there’s no cash-on-delivery involved. Then he told me he was going to call back every day until I buy from him. I told him that I will be sure to start masturbating at the beginning of every call. He hung up.
I hope he calls tomorrow like he promised.

Facebook is SO f*cked up, and this is why…

This is what I just posted on my Facebook Fan Page:
“The “Personal Profile” to my “Fan Page” was deleted months ago, yet I can still see it and so can everyone else. I have no access to it. There are now thousands of friend requests on it. But I can’t accept them. But somehow people are still able to friend request it. Facebook is truly f*cked up. Please “Like” this Page, and Follow my Twitter, YouTube and Blog. All are “VocalVirgo”.
Thanks. PS, you’re all still wh*res.”

Now, why is it when Facebook warns you over and over again that you’re going to be deleted… and then once they actually do it, it is still there, people can see it, post in the Wall of it, Friend Request it, but yet the old owner has no access to it….? And to everyone else it just looks like you don’t post to it anymore, accept friend requests, or even log in anymore. People who don’t know better think you just abandoned it. Or died. Facebook really does suck. I think they do this so they can count these profiles as “active” to be able to say they have so many more users than they actually do.
I need Facebook to bend over and take a good hard lesson in Me.