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Homo hater and Blacks too!

Look, I like everyone, and everyone knows that. But I LOVE making fun of everyone too! It’s my life’s goal to make everyone laugh at themselves, me and you :).
This was one of the more funner message exchanges I had on Facebook… you know, before they closed my 4th account. Have I shared with everyone how much Facebook can suck on my b*llsack?

(no one was insulted during the making of this conversation. however, someone did get pee’d on)

I found love…

Last night I went to get a salad at my favorite restaurant, Mikke-Dee’s. I was asked if I wanted to try the new Chicken McBites. I’m not an easy sell. But the chick in the window said “They’re way better than the chicken McNuggets!” I felt a fight coming on. Instead of kicking her *ss, I decided to just make a liar out if her. I bought them and merrily drove home. Fast forward 20 minutes and I’m practically j*rking *ff to this explosion of new found goodness that was in my mouth! I don’t know that chicks name, but I thank her. And hey, the little box container thingie that they come in flips its top to hold the dipping sauce thing!! I totally found love!
PS: I’m sh*tting them out right now and the logs are happy logs. My *ss agrees with the tasty little f*ckers.