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Sh*t Update!

You know those little packets of cheese dipper thingies from the 99 cent Store? Well, I found a single package last night during my Midnight rummage through the kitchen cabinets. I opened it, dipped the 6 little breadsticks into the cheese (1 at a time, I’m not a greedy f*ckin’ pig), and ate them. About 15 minutes later, the farting began. And they stunk. Now, it’s the next afternoon and my sh*t is all pasty and smells oh-so-bad. And it looks like chocolate frosting. It does.
Anyway, that’s it. Just wanted to share what makes my sh*t stink.

(my nose was bothered in the making of this sh*t… I mean taking of this photo)

Looking for a bl*wjob?

Ya’ f*cking perverts, I knew you would come lookie if I posted that title. Predictable.

Anyway, I just wanted to say Goodnight to you all and I hope you all sleep well. Tomorrow I’ll try and come back and post some more sh*t to get you through the work day. And remember, if someone is pissing you off at work or giving you a hard time, just picture me nailing them from behind and making faces. Because I’m there for you. I am. I am there, behind someone you hate, pumping a lo*d of my spermies into them because you want me to. I’m your f*cking hero and you know it.
Goodnight Wh*res!!
(it doesn’t take much to see who got hurt in the making of this photo…)

Twitter’s down. Boo.

But I guess not anymore if you are reading this on Twitter… so… never mind.
PS: I like how they tried to cover up a server crash/fail/whatever to “scheduled maintenance”, lol. It took 20 minutes for them to get the “maintenance” page up. Why can’t people/companies just admit when they’re having an issue instead of trying to keep up appearances? I’ll never understand this.
PPS: I’m still horny.

From this…
To this…
(no one was hurt during the taking of these pictures. but we thinks people probably j*erked *ff or d*ldo’d themselves out of boredom)